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Why Do We Need Free Individualized Education?

Learning is a universal gift given to all of us. It is one of those very distinct characteristics that define us as human.
Whether happy or sad, old or young, rich or poor, educated or uneducated in a school system, all humans are(or become) learned individuals; and our ability to learn is a gift.

By simply observing a child as he/she grows out of their toddler stage, we can clearly see one fact, that is that
children play to learn.

Why? Why? Why?”
This is a child’s favorite question as they begin to develop both their
cognitive and psychosocial social domains(or skills).

To keep up with learning, we need look at the big picture, that is, ‘
why’, is this child asking me ‘why’ about this particular subject?’

Personal Interest.

Our theory is that an individual, child, or adult only asks a question about
What” they want to learn about,
When” they want to learn about it.

Personal interest retains and expands knowledge, as well the base to our ever growing character and personality.

If this is how we grew each day the first 5 years of life, and still spend every waking second outside of school, then
WHY and HOW can we still allow our children and ourselves to be held back by a "book & page" learning curriculum?

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