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Ideal Learning

The Facts
2+2 has been 2+2 forever. Continuing to buy a simple and basic text book, the same as we have done for 200+ years now, means we still must continue to take a teachers time to grade 2+2.
With the current system, if there are 30 kids in the class and 28 of them understand simple addition, then a teacher still must search through all 30 students to find the 2 that do need help.

With this adaptive learning program, the text book will be on a touch screen stating new information in a personalized manner while testing your comprehension all at the same time. If you understand the current lesson, then the system will go on to new material. If not, then the program will begin explain the same material in a new way. This gives a broader foundation to support that new information you are having trouble understanding.

This means that a child growing up in the middle of a city might have a slightly different "text" than that of a child growing up in the rural country side. Technically, you could have and probably would have a different "text book" than your brothers, sisters, and/or friends.
This "program" would sustain relevancy in every lesson to keep a child's interest. The child would be the focal point of every story problem being worked out, now seeing themselves in the middle of that 3D environment.

When a child feels like the subject mater is irrelevant they blow it off thinking, "Why do I need to know this?" Only when it's true relevance is seen in a "real" world application many years later can one find out just how important a particular subject really is. With this adaptive learning program it is never to late to go back and learn.

As a child, even before we are able to move, toys are set in front of us that flash, bing, bong, and buzz for an instant stimulus. Then, once we have rolled over we can start the first processes of motor skills we have learned to manipulate our environment of flashes, bings, bongs, and buzzes.
As we get older the plethora of things in front of us grow just as fast as we do with the emphasis on interactive touch. From video games, to computers and cell phones, our minds have truly learned how to think at and react to the speed of thought. On the contrary, we go to school and are told to sit quiet, calm, and still in class because we are going to learn something new.

Our current education system is completely different from how we spent first 5 years of our lives learning, and how we will continue to learn every waking second outside of school from here on out. How can we hope for or even expect better knowledge retention and expansion with the system we have now?

The Core of Discovery is here to help you drink from the wealth of knowledge already out there and readily available.
With this tool for the first time in history, we
can learn from, as well as add to the cutting
Education is suppose to help you take
better care of yourself, your family, your
neighbors, your society.
If our pursuit of adequate education is hindered, then our pursuit of happiness is hindered.
Education and Happiness
Walk Hand in Hand.

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