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This is how are we going to bring Free Accredited Education Everyone.

Red = Accomplished)

Filed Non-Profit paper work.
Ideal Learning Inc. is established

Named 2 outstanding PASSIONATE people who feel the need to help pave the way for free accredited lifelong learning.
(Still always accepting help, send me an email.)

3. Now with Ideal Learning having official non-profit 501c3 status we are seeking;
Large Corporate Sponsorships
Partnerships with other Non-Profit Foundations

4. Call together a "G4 Summit NATO Convention" meeting with the Greatest Technology Minds in the World to come Together for Education.

5. Hire Recommended Team of Technology Experts to Design and Implement Programming Sequence and a Crew of Programmers to carry it out.

6. Bring Together an Educational Board of Doctorates and Specialists Connecting a Larger Network of Minds Handling Input Question and Correct Answer Verification.

7. Open Ideal Learning to the Public

8. Grow, Learn, Grow, Learn

9. Time it will take and with one step at a time we will have individualized lifelong accredited education, but not until we take another STEP!!!

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