Life Is Not A Highway

Published by Eric Sheets in Along the Right Way • 5/27/2010 1:38:30 PM
Some call me a user,
And I say they just don’t understand the history of history,

Did George Washington use his likeness so later he might have value?
Or did he use his values to stand up for something worth more than money?

Did Benjamin Franklin use lightning to spark his curiosity to become a brilliant thinker?
Or was he already and willing to try something new?

Did Abraham Lincoln use slavery as a keynote to sound out his voice just so he might be remembered?
Or did he stand tall for what was, is, and always will be right?

Did Martin Luther King Jr use repression to get a holiday?
Or did he believe no matter color, creed, or origin; everyman’s birthright is equality?

Did Mother Teresa feed the sick and the poor because she had to much food?
Or did she follow her heart to lead her to those who were also willing to help?

Did Ghandi use people to gain fame?
Or did he inspire people to stand united to break free of their chains?

Well then I am a user as well.
A user of education.
I use my education everyday to help any I come across. Anytime I can.
Whether it be with a hammer driving home a nail, or with my words driving home a point to keep any who listen sharp.
By using my mind to select the proper tool, then with grit in my teeth on top of my strength and might,
I know I can use a wrench to loosen a rusty bolt,
And like wise, our best tool to break free the almighty dollar’s death grip on education, is passion.
Our passion for education. We all have a need and an urge to learn, but we also have a need to eat. In today’s times we are having problems affording to eat. How on earth are we expected to take better care of ourselves, our neighbors, this society; if we cannot afford to go to school ourselves let alone hope enough teachers will be there when our children attend?

The technology of Ideal Learning will make capable accredited birth till death education. The more everyone becomes educated, the larger our society’s “idea” pool grows. In time, making everyone more adapt at solving society’s problems, whether it be creating jobs or finding cures.

But first things first,
Our first job is to start the procedures to inoculate the remedy for our lack luster education by using technology to bring us birth till death learning.

Just as learning should be.
Just as technology should do.

I would have never made it a mile without using the advice of the many who have helped me before I even started.
Then there have been thousands who have helped support me every step of the way. Whether it be a passing smile, a kind word of encouragement, a place to camp, a house to sleep in, or food to eat, it is the people who have made this possible.
Never will I and I hope neither you forget a single one who took their time to help shoulder our common responsibility.

I know in my heart, those who gave their heart to shape their time and level the mountains in front of them did so because they knew what should be right, was currently wrong.

These great believers then, are called leaders now.

They knew it then and we still know it now, and forever wrong it is to deny what you know in your heart to be right. Who then or now could live with themselves to look any other way but ahead towards a better brighter way?

Clear it is,
Free Accredited Education, is right.

Published by Eric Sheets in Life • 5/21/2010 11:01:15 PM
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